‘Nature and climate change’, a new, low-cost exhibition for museums, schools and other educational settings


Climate change is a subject of great importance to society and the natural environment, with a high level of public concern. This means that there is likely to be a large public appetite for constructive activities related to climate change. However, the subject presents a particular challenge as the information can be very complex, climate change can appear to be very abstract, or it can be thought of as something ‘far away’, whether in terms of place or time. Climate change also risks being overwhelming or depressing.

Finding ways to overcome these negative aspects, or work around them, presents a plausible way to promote climate empowerment, where people are empowered to understand the importance of climate change, appreciate the importance of addressing climate change, and have the skills and opportunities to act on climate change in their own lives.

Although climate change is very much in the public consciousness, there are few exhibitions or exhibits dedicated to the topic, or that are readily affordable, especially for small organisations.


‘Nature and Climate Change’ is an illustration-based exhibition for all ages and interests, suitable for museums, zoos, aquaria, schools, colleges and other educational and community settings. Illustrations cover global nature and aspects of climate change and climate change impacts, so the exhibition is suitable for any country.

The exhibition consists of specially commissioned illustrations, created by design studio Hartland Design, showing how nature, primarily animals, is affected by climate change. The exhibition’s focus is on helping people understand (1) the impacts of climate change at population, species and community levels, (2) how climate change can be managed through supporting nature (nature-based solutions/ecosystem services), and (3) how nature will need to be conserved while addressing climate change at the same time.

The exhibition draws on recent scientific research on the many ways in which climate change is already affecting biodiversity around the world. The exhibition also draws on applied social sciences research on promoting effective climate change communication and engagement. The exhibition includes 19 illustrations, and will grow to include more, with 50-80 word captions, and an introductory panel. The exhibition can be hired in its entirety, or smaller numbers of illustrations can be hired at a reduced cost.

‘Nature and Climate Change’ addresses climate change through its method of production: you hire the use of the illustrations and produce them locally, reducing the emissions usually associated with the transport of exhibits.

Interested? Have a look through the information pack and contact henrymcghie@curatingtomorrow.co.uk to discuss your requirements and next steps.

Published by Henry McGhie

I have set up Curating Tomorrow as a new business. I know that lots of people, organisations and networks care about the communities they are based in, broader social issues and the natural environment. Curating Tomorrow takes museum-based skills of curating, and applies them to the wider world. It is about helping people and organisations move farther, faster, together to build a better world.

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