Putting cultural institutions to work to address climate change: two-day workshop, World Museum, Liverpool, UK, 25-26 March

Climate change is big news, and so it should be. Maybe you want to contribute to the aims of the Paris Agreement, or want to know more about it. Maybe you want do something but don’t know where to start.

Aimed at non-specialists, this two-day workshop will provide you with practical tools to help you to make better use of your institution’s exhibitions and collections to promote effective education and awareness programmes around climate change.

Taking both local (your local) and global perspectives, you will gain a better understanding of climate change causes and impacts, and how museums and galleries can be used to further climate change education, awareness, public participation and action. You should go away more confident and focused on what you and your organization can do to play its part in addressing climate change through exhibitions, programmes and partnerships. Providing a healthy balance of challenge and support, the workshop will help you achieve your aspirations for work around climate change. 

Day one – Climate change and cultural institutions: the knowledge

Presentations and (primarily) hands-on interactive sessions will help you understand the causes and consequences of climate change, what the Paris Agreement is and how cultural institutions feature in its Workplan. You will explore tools for communicating about climate change to get beyond doom-and-gloom. Drawing on museum exhibits and collections, you will have the opportunity to try out these tools through small-group discussions and break-out activities on galleries and with collections.

Day two – Creating a plan of action for your organisation

This day is focused on consolidating learning from the previous day. Working in small groups you will explore, shape and share climate change communication plans for your organisation.  By the end of the day, you will leave with some concrete plans, or at least some possible options, that you have explored with other participants. 

About you

You are someone who is either already working with climate change and museums, and want to build on what you are doing to make it more effective, or is curious about making a start. It doesn’t matter if you are in a primarily collections-related role or an educator, at whatever level in your organization, this workshop is intended to give you some practical tools to use in your own work. It doesn’t matter if you are very confident in your work on climate, or not at all confident. Climate change is relevant to all museums, and all museums are relevant to climate change: you have a part to play, and this workshop can help you play it.

About us

This workshop has been developed by and will be delivered by Henry McGhie, in association with World Museum, National Museums Liverpool.

Henry McGhie runs Curating Tomorrow, a consultancy for museums and the heritage sector, helping them draw on their unique resources to enhance their contributions to society and the natural environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action and nature conservation. He has worked intensively on climate change and museums for over 15 years, nationally and internationally. Henry has developed partnerships, award-winning exhibitions, conferences, and co-edited two books on climate change communication. He is a member of the ICOM Sustainability Working Group, and works regularly with UN Climate Change. Henry was involved in ‘museums’ being included in the Workplan for the Paris Agreement in 2018.

National Museums Liverpool is the only national museum solely based in the English regions. World Museum is one of eight venues in the National Museums Liverpool group.  World Museum’s collections cover antiquities, botany, ethnology, geology, science, and entomology and vertebrate zoology. Our mission is to create memorable experiences, for everyone, challenging expectations. 

Registration for this workshop will open very soon. The workshops will begin at 10:30am and end at 4:00pm. In the meantime, book the dates in your diary. The workshop costs £40 for one day and £60 for both days. Refreshments are provided, lunch is not provided.

Published by Henry McGhie

I have set up Curating Tomorrow as a new business. I know that lots of people, organisations and networks care about the communities they are based in, broader social issues and the natural environment. Curating Tomorrow takes museum-based skills of curating, and applies them to the wider world. It is about helping people and organisations move farther, faster, together to build a better world.

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